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LOVE1010: Building Satisfying Relationships that Last

20 - 27 Apr 2018

According to Erik Erikson (1959), one of the most important psychological needs of adolescents is to develop relationships leading toward longer-term commitments with someone outside the family. LOVE1010 is a brand new initiative by the Counseling and Wellness Center this year and will be made available annually with different essential topics that students would need in developing intimate relationships, which is often not covered in normal school curriculum. In April 2018, a roadshow was held to explore with students and staff their adult attachment styles, and the following workshops and talks were conducted to equip students for a healthy and nourishing relationship with meaningful connections that meets the yearnings of being understood and loved which would light up each of us

A Moment of Self-Compassion

10 Apr 2017

The Counseling and Wellness Center organized a series of events and activities to spread around positive and healthy attitudes in the University. We can establish a healthy and authentic sense of self despite all the ups and downs in our lives.