Hold On, Put Efforts

“Hold On, Put Efforts” is one of our signature events. The first event “Make your own Dream Catcher Workshop” will be held on 26 November 2018. In this workshop, we will learn to make and take away your own version of Dream Catcher to family or friends, plus some time out for fun during in between the busy schedules.


Dream catcher in nowadays is believed to bring good luck and health. Through making the dream catcher, we can focus on the weaving and decorating process. Please bring along CASH with Student ID card and register in person at the Counseling & Wellness Center during office hours. All materials will be provided and advance registration with HK$20 deposit is needed. 

Many more fun activities will follow until the mid of December. You are cordially invited to join us to enjoy some relaxing music, refreshing desserts, and allow yourself to have relaxing breaks from the exams.


Please click here for event details and registration.