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The Covid-19 has spread all around the world, sending billions of people into lockdown.  An outcome of this epidemic is that we feel anxious, overwhelmed, sad, stressed, confused, bored and lonely.  We are pleased to share with you the following resources to enhance your psychological well-being:


Our Student Counselors and SEN colleagues are dedicated to rendering psychological and emotional support to enhance your well-being.  We shall provide personal counseling and related services through various platforms (including telehealth) on a need basis.


Room 5003 (via lift 3)     

(852) 2358 6696






24/7 HEARing

(852) 8208 2688


This is a 24-hour helpline that supports exclusively all HKUST students 7 days a week. The service is made available by our Counselors in collaboration with Christian Family Service Center.


Stay calm and healthy!



Counseling and Wellness Center

Dean of Students’ Office